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Bermi technologies strives to provide the best fence installation experience possible. Our contractors are handpicked and meet the highest standards of experience, knowledge and customer service. Each professional is background checked before performing any installation to make sure all applicable insurance and licenses are in place.

Whether you’re looking for beauty, privacy or security, we can install the fence that’s best for you Backed by at least a one-year service warranty, we offer a selection of styles, including wood fencing, vinyl fencing, and ornamental fencing, all of which can enhance your landscape.

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Before hiring a fence installer, we recommended you hire a surveyor first to have documentation of where your land begins and ends. When choosing a fence, the fence materials and yard size also influence cost.

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  • In terms of the Electric Fence Regulations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, it is a legal requirement that all property owners should have a valid Compliance Certificate for the electric fence erected on their properties (irrespective of the nature of property, i.e. residential / commercial).
  • Safety Requirements:
    • The first live wire may be placed no lower than 1,5m
    • Warning Signs: To be installed at regular intervals, no more than 10m apart. All gates and/or access points to the property should also have a warning sign on it.
    • It is illegal to electrify barbed or razor wire with an energizer.
  • Risks:
    An electric fence that is deemed unsafe, hasn’t been installed by an accredited dealer or does not conform to the relevant Regulations is illegal. Should any person suffer injuries by an “illegal” fence, the property owner may be prosecuted.
  • It is the property owner’s duty to ensure that the installer who will issue him with the Certificate of Compliance has acquired the necessary accreditation from the South African National Standards (SANS).
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